Panineria Cucina and Wine-bar, is a gem situated in the heart of the Greenwich Village. Since 10 years is, without any doubt the best Italian Sandwich shop in New York.

Also well known for its catering and special event platters, Panineria follow one simple but really effective rule: Authentic Italian recipes and High quality ingredient.

 This is the secret of its success and the reason why Mario Pesce, the owner, wants to export his gem to other neighbors and cities around the states.

Once you can deliver constantly such a quality product it's time to grow up and expand your own vision..



I've walked passed this restaurant numerous times and I finally went today to get a sandwich. This was hands down the best sandwich I've had in NYC! The Fresh Truffle is a must! Will definitely be going back and trying more things


Melissa T.

LOVE La Panineria - the freshest ingredients for DELICIOUS sandwiches. I feel like I am back in Italy everytime I take a bite. Everything is super authentic and the prices are great. Staff is also very friendly and fun!

YELP, 6/24/2020

Lauren C.

Amazing sandwiches, great ingredients. Had a huge order and everything was correct and came perfectly on time. You pay for the quality you get!

GRUBHUB, 4/16/2021